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COGENT Cyber Security Range & Certification Training

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Employers Care About Certifications and Job Role Skills

We remove the “No Experience” barrier

PROBLEM: you can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without getting a job.

SOLUTION: develop specific job role skills on the COGENT Cyber Range. The skills acquired are considered equivalent to job experience for many employer new hires.

No Degree Required
Get a high paying job in as little as 6 months

Find Real Opportunity

This is an experiential practice-based safe learning environment where both team members and individuals, at both beginner and intermediate levels, engage with ABL Mentors for support as needed to ensure skills acquisition and application.

Progressive Structured Learning

With our skills-based training and multi-week courses, you gain the practice needed through “hybrid” live and online learning. You maintain your own schedule each week while gaining the required skills and certifications. This flexibility allows you to work with experienced professional mentors who tutor on course topics, while you progress with structured weekly studies.

Flexible Schedules


NOT Self-Paced! Structured schedules, 8-12 weeks for IT Cyber training success – Professional Mentor tutoring provide Support 5 days a week. Get support, flexibility of study hours and days to attend

ABL Cyber Range and Academy
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