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Cyber Range Training is based on the Strategic Offensive Principle of cyber warfare: The best defense is a good offense!

Know the Cyber IT OT attacks, to know how to defend your assets

NOTE: This is a North American Cyber Range Alliance (NACRA) Cyber Range – at NACRA we all know: “magic shared is magic lost”. When we learn the tricks and tools used by the “Magician” (aka, the Hacker), you are less likely to be fooled again by the attack. How do you become a magic buster? Start with beginner tricks and work your way up to more complex scenarios. Practice these scenarios as the magician is already here. 

Cyber Attacks are “Inevitable” though most need NOT be successful!

The ABL Cyber Range uses and trains the actual tools many hackers use:

  • scan and identify security vulnerabilities in websites, online or offline applications

  • discover out-of-date system patches and operating systems
  • determine how you will exploit the vulnerabilities identified
  • attack with cyber weapons and tools to compromise and then exfiltrate or ransom or destroy data
  • assess the results and repeat attacks with other tools

use and apply lessons learned to:

  • plan a defensive strategy to mitigate or remediate the identified risks
  • document lessons learned

What You’ll Learn

This is the ABL learning and hands-on skills building cyber strategy. The Cyber Range target exercises train you to react appropriately. The Cyber Range delivers practice, practice, practice. Using the tools of cybersecurity over and over helps you to quickly and effectively defend assets under stress of attack.

Cyber IT OT ICS Job Role Skills

IACS, Operational Technology, Cybersecurity, NICE, 62443

Job Required Certifications

ABL Cyber Academy students gain industry cyber IT and OT job skills, with supportive “fanatical hands-on training”

  • 91% first attempt IT certification pass rates

  • 89% IT OT  Cybersecurity Job placement within 60 days

  • Gain experience with COGENT Cyber Range practice Cyber IT OT job tasks on NACRA Ethical Cyber Range

  • Cogent Cyber Range and Course Training via Cloud

Training Grants cover many students for full cost of multiple certifications such as:
  • Network+ and Security+
  • Network+ and AWS Cloud Architect
  • Security+ and AWS Cloud Architect
  • And many more!

Your Own Range

Government, Schools, & Private Corporations
  • Contact ABL Range and Academy Director Craig Cocciola
  • A full ABL Cyber Range is offered to Alliance Participants when you join NACRA

NACRA & Range Info

Craig Cocciola, Director ABL Cyber Range NACRA Cyber Range Participant

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ABL COGENT Cyber Range On-Site Locations and CLOUD

Phoenix West Valley

3802 N 53rd Ave Ste 260, Phoenix 85031
15 minutes west of Arizona Cardinals Stadium

Tempe East Valley

125 S 52nd Street, Tempe 85281
10 minutes west of ASU – off 202 at Priest

COGENT MISSION: never Send Your Cyber Defenders into A Fair Fight

Prepare • Identify •  Contain • Eradicate • Restore • Lessons Learn • Test and Repeat

The New Cybersecurity Best Practice …. hands-on practice

ICS, IT OT, hands-on, practice, cyber range, cybersecurity

Why COGENT Cyber IT OT Range?
NIST NICE Framework defines Job Role Skills used by COGENT Range to measure results 

COGENT Cyber Range develops Deep learning:

  • Creative thinking – safe sandbox to experiment using different tools, attack vectors, what if scenarios 
  • Analytical thinking – analyze actions, or risk acceptance strategies, run comparisons of consequences, utilize analytical tools (ex. MITRE)  
  • and Critical thinking – looking beyond the CFT flags and exercise objectives.
    • Ex. consider and explore how might this exercise outcome be leveraged by the adversary to leave malicious avenues to return and maintain unauthorized access  

COGENT Range Access / Benefits:

  • Get free trial instant access 24/7
  • Ever growing Catalog of current IT and OT skills development activities
  • Create your Own content with Cogent Creator
    • Host and deliver your training on Cogent Range 
    • Create your own experiences ranging from single box or multiple targets, to complex enterprise networks
      • Use cases:  new hire evaluations
      • onboarding and up-skilling current team members
      • Talent recruiting and retention
    • Support is available to help with part or all custom content creation.
  • Identify issues or develop and test processes for:
    • organization-wide threat awareness training
    • systems vulnerability assessments
      • BIA (business impact assessment)
      • BCP (business continuity plan)
      • CMMC assessments and others 
    • IT OT Cyber Teamwork, Red and Blue Team range practice activities and more

You decide what works for you

On-Demand Cyber Range Practice using any COGENT Range content, exercises, labs, attack scenarios

Or build Custom Training content as part of your new hire assessing, current team testing to support, develop, ensure an effective Business Security Plan

Examples of choices

Ready to Run, IT and OT Cyber skills training for Novice to Advanced Pros

  • Address threats using curated cyber range training exercises and Job Role specific content for every skill level from Novice to Advanced IT OT Cybersecurity Operatives
  • New cyber IT ICS range content continuously added 
  • Accurately Benchmark your Team. Fully automated  and integrated system monitors and records learner training for proficiency
  • Extensive table of NICE Job Roles mapped to NIST 800-181 using NICE Skills mapping tool and MITRE taxonomy 

Build Custom Content for Cyber IT or OT security systems training

  • Allow your InfoSec Team to test creative solution is risk-free environment
  • New Hires – assess and accurately determine training needs before you hire
  • Elevate DoD CMMC Level with Training that optimizes personnel and system security performance
  • Test your BCP Business Continuity Plan and identify (BIA) Business Impact Assessment issues  

Prepare for the Inevitable on Your Cyber Range

Defend organizational assets by identifying skills gaps and train to close them.

Cybersecurity is a lifecycle of education!

Knowledge gain and sharing
Depth of practice leading to deep skill mastery
Assessment against job requirements and NICE framework
Team engagement and learning support
Mission accomplishment

Let’s Get Started

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