ABL Cyber Academy will offer NACRA Ranges

North American Cyber Range Alliance (NACRA) Participants Commit to Standards-Based Approach to Ethical Operation and Trusted Collaboration Between Cyber Ranges

PHOENIX, Ariz., December 3, 2019— The North American Cyber Range Alliance (NACRA), an affiliation of independent stakeholder organizations dedicated to fortifying US cyber defenses, today unveiled the NACRA initiative and opened the invitation to join the alliance to cyber ranges and cybersecurity infrastructure providers nationwide. Cyber ranges that sign on as NACRA Participants offer members of the public, including students, hands-on cybersecurity training with an emphasis on ethical behavior and tecNACRA Logo Cyber Range Alliancehnical excellence. Alliance Participant cyber ranges also benefit from discounts and incentives available to them from NACRA Preferred Vendors.

The NACRA charter and code of conduct for ethical cyber range operations were co-developed by the initial Alliance Participants, including Advanced Business Learning (ABL) Cyber Academy, Estrella Mountain Community College, the Grand Canyon University Cyber Center of Excellence, and Valleywise Health. Other Alliance Participants will be announced in the near future. Alliance Participants can design their cyber range technology stacks and programs to suit their individual needs using commercially available products from ethically minded providers, as well as leveraging discounted options from NACRA Preferred Vendors, which today include Advanced Business Learning and Cyberbit. Other NACRA Preferred Vendors are anticipated to join the alliance over time and will be announced accordingly. As part of its support of the cybersecurity ecosystem in Arizona, operational support for NACRA is provided on a pro bono basis by Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance, Inc. (ACTRA), a hub for cyber information sharing between industry, academia, law enforcement, and intelligence to better protect Arizona’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources from cyber threats. The cyber ranges offered by NACRA Alliance Participants provide hands-on training and skill-building to teach network, systems, and application vulnerability assessment in interactive environments. NACRA cyber ranges provide a safe and legal environment in which students and members of the public can attain cyber defense skills using the tools and methods required to find, neutralize, and protect against threats from bad actors. Training modules, like vulnerability testing for product development or systems security resilience, are structured to be progressive so they can be relevant for both new learners as well as experienced cybersecurity personnel. read-more 

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