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IT and Cyber Security certification courses won’t get you ready to win that new job. Sure, you’ll get the theory and perform some vulnerability scans. That’s not the same as practical hands on cyber range skills needed to succeed in the interviews and on the job. The fact is, “the certifications get you the interview, the ability to demonstrate your skills gets you the job.”

The question for getting hired in Cyber Security is:

Will a cyber certification without experience be enough to get hired today? No, but with hands-on skills in a cyber range and a personalized expert mentoring, our students are getting jobs in cyber security. Practicing real-world cyber tools over just a few months, is resume worthy.

ABL Cyber Academy gets you the certifications and our ABL Cyber Range Lab provides direct path to cyber careers. Gain cyber skills, real-world experience and required certifications. This is the winning combination.


 Here’s the ABL Cyber Academy / Cyber Range Lab Game Changers

  1. MENTORING – study and work with a Cyber Expert
  2. COURSE SCHEDULING – take certification courses that meet your schedule, the school’s
  3. EXAM TUTOR – learn and ask questions with your assigned mentor to help pass your exam
  4. CYBER SPEAK – develop cyber conversation skills for the job interview
  5. BUSINESS MINDED: understand how to balance risk controls with operational barriers
  6. CYBER RANGE LAB – “learn by doing the job” while following exercise guides and videos using hacker tools to scan, probe, detect, identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities
  7. BE JOB READY –  using our Red Team approach “you learn to defend against the offense by knowing what’s being thrown at you”.

#1 ADVANTAGE  =  Cyber Range Training Support is Included

ABL Cyber Range Lab –  get progressive hands-on, practice based skills, using the top cyber tools like. Learn Metasploit, NMAP, Wireshark, AirCrack-ng, Burp Suite, Nikto, sqlmap, wpscan, dnsmap, reverse shell scripts, and more.cyber range, vulnerability scan

  • A safe place with internal servers all on private IP’s. All hosted applications and websites contain vulnerabilities for practicing and honing pen-testing and exploitation skills
  • Cyber Range Lab access is both Local onsite (6 days / week) and 24/7 remote access secure VPN
  • Lab Support Team is available 12 hours daily, Mon-Sat for both onsite and VPN support.

Visit ABL Cyber Academy and see how anyone, anywhere can gain the required skills. Get the certifications you need with the support of an experienced mentor. Get promoted and grow inside their current organization. Win that new job career in Cyber Security.

Call  today to fully understand the value of this great opportunity.


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